Monday, May 29, 2006

To Wheat Ridge, CO

Today began with M, E, J and I playing with the rest of the family in Cedar City. We had lunch at Costa Vida (which is really yummy). We went to park Discovery and hung out. M had to leave at about 2 pm to go to Las Vegas with his dad in order to catch his flight, so I decided that there was no sense in me staying another night in Cedar City, I might as well get on the road as well, so I began the trip.

The scariest/most memorable part of today's journey was right before we were almost to where we were stopping for the night, there was a very drunk driver on the road with us. They were swerving all over, so I dropped back behind them because I was scared to pass them. Then I watched them hit a guard rail and cause sparks to shoot out because of the metal on metal, and then over correct and swerve in the other lane. I was terrified. It was late. It was high in the mountains and rainy. I am just glad that I had guradian angels looking after me. We ended up staying the night in Wheat Ridge, CO.

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