Monday, June 19, 2006

Driving across Canada . . .

I decided to group the pictures from my drive across Canada into one post. It was a gorgeous drive. I never realized how large Ontario was until I drove across it. And what a gorgeous province too. WOW! I stopped so many times and just snapped random pictures of scenery, which if you know me, is a huge deal because in general I think the most fun vacation pictures are the ones with people in them, not just what you saw. In this case, I think I had to make an exception. I felt like I was some amazing photographer when I looked at the results of the pictures I snapped really fast with my digital camera, but it was truly just the amazingly gorgeous places we were passing. I wish I could have stopped and taken more pictures. It was all truly breathtaking.

While we were driving down the road we came across this giant "loonie" and I immediately had to pull off the road and stop. I had wanted to go see the giant nickel in Sudbury, but apparently they moved that into a museum and it costs like $30 to get in, so I decided against that one, but this was just as cool to see. The kids were excited to get out of the car and take a break and loved the pretty purple flowers.

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