Friday, June 23, 2006

Portland, OR - Oregon Zoo

Today I went to the zoo with Rob Johnston, a friend from SUU. It was super tiring and kind of warm, but pretty fun. We had lunch there, and J ate fries and made a total mess of himself and then fell asleep in the stroller, fries in hand. E and J seemed to like the zoo. E made me laugh sometimes because she seemed too grown up for the zoo and bored. She is such a little princess. I really enjoyed the Lorikeets -- they were so gorgeous. I was impressed. I think it was funny to see Rob interact with my kids and "have kids" because he is so not used to them at all. He would get all freaked out if they were messy and such, stuff that I gave up on long ago. Very amusing.
I think our favorite parts were the Elephants, and the little elephant museum, where we wasted a quarter on watching this hysterical elephant dance thing . . . way too weird. The elephants were out and about and walking around and the kids could really get a good look at them. Also, they actually knew what that animal was so it was fun and interesting for them.

For sure made me smile though. All in all a good day, and the kids were mostly well behaved. After the zoo, we dropped Rob back off at his house and headed on down the road to see how far we could get before we got tired. I got to see the most gorgeous Oregon Sunset.

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