Tuesday, June 06, 2006

To Hershey, PA

Hershey's Chocolate . . . Hershey's chocolate, its a Hershey's chocolate world . . . . Wherever you go, no matter how far, you're always near, a Hershey bar . . . Hershey's chocolate, real milk chocolate, Hershey's, the great American chocolate bar.

Oh, sorry. That is the song you hear on the factory tour ride at the end. Today we stopped in Hershey, PA. We went to church with Grandma (which was a nightmare because me handling two kids during church when all they want to do is escape is not a good game plan -- ever), and started to drive toward Canada, stopping only in Hershey because it is FUN! I love it there. Whenever my mom, sister and I would drive to Virginia to visit my grandma, we would stop there. It's like a tradition. We went on the tour ride (which at first scared the dickens out of E), bought some chocolate to take home to Canada for my sweet sister to gobble, did their new factory worker simulation and then kept on driving down the road. E and J had a lot of fun. They both loved pretending to be a factory worker. It was funny. They got cute hats. The were excited about those.

J really thought the chocolate was yummy as you can see by his face when I put him back into his car seat. It was not that he was overjoyed to be back in there as we have already been on the road for days at this point. We arrived in Kingston, Ontario, Canada really late, like 11:30 pm EST, and basically came in and went to sleep. We were all really tired.

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