Thursday, June 01, 2006

To Indianapolis, IN

We left early in the morning since we had spent all day yesterday playing in Independence. We arrived early evening in Indianapolis and called M for a little help on finding a hotel. We managed to find two Holiday Inn Express hotels, which in the past had been fairly nice, well, okay, at least decent. One thing I will always remember about Indianapolis is how dirty it was. The city itself was just grimy and then on top of that, our hotel, the nicer of the two, proved to be dirty also.
Oh, and this is the second room they gave me. The first one had jam (like strawberry or something) on the window. EW! We asked to be moved and they put us in this room and there was the above on the bathroom floor, hairs in the tub and fingernail clippings on the carpet. All in all a very disgusting experience. We slept with just sheets and did not shower before we left in the morning, but just waited for the manager in the lobby so we could discuss the dismal housekeeping situation at the hotel. YUCK! I did not end up paying for the room the next morning, needless to say. Oh, and we also decided not to stay and play in Indianapolis the next day. We were going to go to the zoo, but then there was a mass murder so we decided we best get on our way.

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