Tuesday, June 13, 2006

To Kingston, Ontario, CA

From the 6th to the 13th we spent our time in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. We hung out mostly with my mom and V, but also took some time to play with C, B and A.

We had a chance to go see Barney Live at the Cataraqui Town Center for FREE! That was awesome. It sucked that we had to wait so long in order to get a seat. J was really tired and very grumpy, but I fed him M&M's and somehow we got through until the show. After all of our waiting for our spot and waiting for the show to begin, the people in front of us, who came in after us, were really rude and stood up, but the happiness on J's M&M stained face was enough to tell me it was all worth the time and the effort. My mom, E, J and I went to that and had fun.

We also had the chance to go to the I've Got Rhythm School of Dance Recital. B and A danced and we got to see some of the dances that V had choreographed. She did great! It was fun seeing V in an adult role and being a teacher and being responsible.
E and J enjoyed the show and enjoyed playing with their cousins. After the recital we all went to Chuck E Cheese. The kids love it there. It was a lot of fun for them. One of my favorite moments was when E, J and V were all riding the little kid bus ride. Impressive that they all fit in there. You can only see J and V in the picture, but E was right behind J on a little bench playing and pushing buttons.

We also got a chance to take the ferry across to Wolfe Island. That was really something new for the kids. We just went to the bakery on the island and got huge cookies, but it was super fun for them going across and back. We saw a boat, and they just loved being on a boat.

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