Saturday, June 03, 2006

To Springfield, VA

Today we made it to my grandma's house -- and perfect timing too. They were coming home from a trip to South Dakota, and got home less than an hour before we arrived. We went to dinner at Old Country Buffet. The kids liked it there and really enjoyed the endless chocolate milk. We stayed overnight and visited with Grandma and Grandpa (E and J's great grandma and grandpa.) It was hard to be at their house because there were lots of trinkets and I was scared the kids would break something.

I had planned to visit some other friends in Manassas area, but Stephanie went out of town suddenly because of a death, and my upline Marsha, had been on the go and I did not hear from her in time. The picture was really hard to get because I basically had to throw both kids on her lap and step back really fast and snap. The kids were really really squirmy! I am so glad that I did though. I think it is great that I have a picture of them with their Great Grandma.

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