Saturday, July 01, 2006

J's 2nd Birthday

We decided that this year, since I have just returned from Canada, we would have a Canada Day party for J. We made him Canadian flag cupcakes and he has a Canada Day T-shirt, and it turned out pretty cute. I cannot believe my little baby is two years old. It is crazy how fast time flies.

J had fun. He was not afraid of the candle on the cake. He enjoyed being sung Happy Birthday to (E even sang) and he loved his cake and made quite a mess (although not as messy as his first birthday thank goodness). J is typically always so serious, so it was funny to me when I looked at the pictures that there were very few with smiles. Even on his birthday he is a Mr. Seriouspants. Too funny! After cake J opened his presents. He got two superhero characters, a train track and train for little people, and Mr. Potato head and an extra accessory pack. We also got E a Mrs. Potato head and accessory pack so they could play together. I think it was a good memory for J. I know I will never forget his adorable face.

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