Monday, August 28, 2006

Creativity Exercise a Day - Journaling - DAY 7

So I don't really do scrapping, and since today's creativity challenge was journaling, I decided since it would be hard to incorporate into a card, I would just do ten minutes of free writing on my dream life. I found this to be very therapeutic and lots of raw emotion just poured out.

My dream life would be one in which I was loved completely for who I am. There would be no negative. There would be no hurt emotions. There would be only love. I would be able to get pregnant when I wanted to. I would be able to spend more time with my kids. I would be a better mommy. I would make the right choices at the right times. I would not carry any emotional baggage. If the mood struck me to stamp, dance, sing, read, eat, crochet – I would just go do that. There would be no bills to pay. There would only be peace in the world. I would be free. I would be closer to my family. I could help my grandma who is struggling with chemotherapy. I would know why some things happen the way they do, and I would have foresight in all I did and said. Good friends would be easy to find, easy to maintain and hard to lose. I would be able to travel. I would take more pictures. I would be me, with no fear of the consequences. I would eat healthy and exercise more frequently. I would focus on making myself be the best I could be. I would continually learn. I would let my friends know I care. I would be more giving. I would love more completely.

Can dreams become reality?

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