Friday, August 25, 2006

Feeling kinda UGH

So, last night a stamped a creation for Rhonna's Creativity Exercise A Day challenges. I did not have an inspiration/idea/sketch book, so I decided to create one. I will do the other parts of the challenges soon, but that was all I could handle last night, I was way too tired. The darker pink is stamped with Print Pattern Background and then a little gem was added to each point connection. The lighter pink was stamped with Mixed Bouquet roses (which p.s. I am obsessed with this set-especially that stamp) and then the leaves were stamped on celery with staz on, cut out and adhered. The roses were then sponged with regal rose ink, and then covered with Crystal effects and a little glitter to make them puffy and shiny. The black dots were my "doodling aspect" and were done with a sharpie. The ribbons are self explanatory. Font is Curlz.

Today I am working on potty training E again. I think we are making progress by making her go bare butt. She had a huge temper tantrum over not wearing a diaper and not wearing big girl pants. She really wanted to wear the big girl pants but I told her not until she pees in the potty. She refuses a diaper at this point, so I think we are getting close. *crosses fingers* I am letting her drink all the invisible Kool-aid she can drink, so maybe, just maybe she will have an "accident" and go on the potty!


Gina K said...

Your cards are so cute!! Nice blog! I have a blog too. It's so fun to share! Potty training is tough! I remember those days but I heard that nobody goes to kindergarden in a diaper so, there is hope! LOL!

Jessica Canham said...

Amanda, I love your doodling around the roses! What a cute notebook. TFS!

Karen V said...

This is fabulous! I love your attention to the details. The potty training will come. I bet she would go for someone else like if a friend or family member asked her to show them what a big girl she is. I tend to think its a willfulness thing at this point. Be strong and keep her bare butt until she gets it.

Jennie said...

gorgeous inspiration journal!! that is really beautiful and should be very inspiring. I'm so excited that you're doing Rhonna's challenges, too! I love her ideas :)