Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A good mail day

Yesterday was an awesome mail day! I got my swaps from Jody (texasjodylynn). Let me explain, each month, Jody and I swap three things -- cards, 3D objects (usually), and sometimes goodies we find that we think the other person might like. We have done this for about 6 months I think. Well yesterday I got the most amazing Jody package. Here are a few pictures of the stuff inside.

The chocolate box was made with designer paper and said "You make life sweet" on top and inside there were some yummy dove chocolates. Seriously, dark chocolate is the BEST!

Next I found this most gorgeous purse with some treasures inside it. Some gems and some princess brads, and a harry potter bookmark. The purse itself is amazing. I asked Jody how she did it and she said with chalk and craft inks and lots of embossing powder. It just shines. It is just so amazing. She put in so many brads and she said she even had to use a drill on it. Amazing! I avoid scary tools like drills wherever possible. LOL The closure is velcro dots. I think it works perfectly!!! I am scared to use it for anything though, except to sit on my shelf and be admired. I know this one came with lots of love and lots of effort. She said she had to do the handle twice when embossing it because it cracked like cracked glass. I love it Jody!!! Thank you!!!

The next project was a tiny matchbox. It had a hershey mini bar in it and was so cute!!! Jody also sent some supplies for me to make my own -- empty matchboxes. I love the new punches that Jody used on this. I really think I need to place them on my next order. They just look so professional. The accents on this were in copper, and "joy" is embossed in copper even though it is hard to see in my picture.

Jody sent a gorgeous card! You know, one awesome thing with Jody is she never does anything half way. I know I am always going to get the most amazing stuff from her. She seriously needs to be a dirty girl on SCS -- just sayin'. This card is no exception. Look at all those gorgeous Prima flowers!!! Jody has Prima skills!!

Last, but not least, Jody made me this coolest "Treasures" box. I have seen these before and wanted to try one, but so far I had been chicken, but Jody did it. She even sent the instructions on how to do it. I am seriously amazed by this.
The top of the box says Manda's Treasures. Inside there are four boxes, each containing treasures. One has ribbon, one has flowers, one has metal and one has "other" stuff. Each one does up with copper cord wrapped around brads. Each is labelled on the top with what goes inside. It folds up neatly into the little box that you see to the left.

I am seriously so blessed to have friends like Jody to brighten my days. Each month I look forward to her package and it makes me smile, even when I am feeling down. I cried when I saw the gorgeous things in this months package. I know that they were no doubt hard for Jody to part with, but I will treasure them always, just as I treasure our friendship. SCS is awesome for bringing us together. I seriously do not know what I would do without my SCS friends to vent to, whine to (yes, I do whine Lisa *winks* - like a whiny little sister) and send special things to. We really are such an important part of each others lives. An example of this is how on the "chatter" thread we have decided to do warm fuzzies, and each week, one girl is the warm fuzzy person and we send a card or something to them and write them a note telling them of the good we see in them. It is totally sweet and I love doing it. I hope that the girls I have sent cards to know how awesome they are.

Okay, enough sappy Amanda for today. But I just had to add that this past week was my week for warm fuzzies and along with this most amazing package, I got this most amazing tag card from Lisa (stampinthyme) from Canada. She sent a cute note with it that made me laugh, and as usual I was amazed by her talents. You seriously are going to think I am the most spoiled girl on the planet when you see it -- especially after seeing all the amazing stuff from Jody too -- this is why it was such a good mail day!!!
Okay, are you seeing this beauty??? WOW! I still cannot believe that Lisa parted with this one. Lisa, I love ya girl! You never cease to amaze me . . . even when you are going through lots in your life, you still have the time to send warm fuzzies to me!!! The card itself is a huge chipboard tag. The gorgeous ribbons on top are awesome, as are the amazing prima layered flowers, the metal, the fastenator staples, the stamping . . . oh, and the whole edge of the chipboard is stitched with embroidery floss. SO GORGEOUS!!!

I just don't know how I got to be the lucky owner of this piece of art, but lets just say I am not complaining. Talk about your awesome mail days! So glad I had a good mail day yesterday because today was all bills! YUCK!!! If you love all the stuff in this post, drop by the galleries of these fine stampers (texasjodylynn) and (stampinthyme) and leave some love, or drop them a PM and tell them that you love the stuff they sent to me. I am sure they would love the validation!!! Thank you girls for making me have an awesome week in spite of all the stuff I am dealing with. You are truly a blessing!!!


Karen said...

awesome gifts Amanda! Jody is definitely a swet girl - not to mention the talent she has!! glad to hear you had a most wonderful happy mail day!! :)

Karen said...

ok - that was supposed to say SWEET

Lisa said...

Thanks Amanda!! You are very sweet.
I sent the card cause i made it just for you, it wasn't just lying around waiting for a stamp you know! :)