Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's Painting Day

After my busy day of running around yesterday, today is painting day. We are painting EJ's room a pale canary yellow. She wanted a princess room, but I refused to do pink, so it was purple or yellow and she chose yellow. We bought all the princess bedding, and now all we need to get are come curtains and sheets and a new big girl bed. No more toddler bed -- WOOHOO! I am so excited to actually get this done and not get suckered into stamping *wink wink* So far I just have the walls painted a pale yellow (not as bright as in the picture) and the princess border up . . . now I need to replace all the outlet covers and such and then clean up and put her bed in the room and pictures on the wall and stuff. I am excited about the color though -- it turned out to be just perfect!!!

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