Monday, September 18, 2006

So yesterday was an extremely stressful day for me. I tried to find a flight to my grandma's funeral, but they are all so crazy expensive, and it would have required a lot of sacrifice from my family to be able to go. M agreed that because I am so far away, I would be the one that would have to make the most sacrifice to be there and that would include M taking days off work, my kids being without their mommy for 3 days, no vacation this year because M will have used up all the vacation days before then. M said he would support me in whatever I decided. I felt like I really needed to be there for my family, but also that I really do already have closure because I visited my grandma in the summer and we shared some special moments. I went back and forth and it was so emotionally trying, because I know my mom really would rather me be there -- but in the end I decided that I should not go. I even went so far as to book the ticket and then I had to cancel it. My grandma knew how much I love her. I will need to send a sympathy card to my grandpa and I will explain how I feel like I did not need to be there to grieve because I know grandma knew I loved her and that I did not want to remember her in a box, but rather as the lively spunky grandma I remember. I hope he understands and is not offended. I just feel like this was the best decision for me and my family. I have a less frazzled, less stressed peaceful feeling about it.

I cancelled the SCS AZ get together as well. I had to make a decision last Friday and it was before my grandma had passed and I did not know what the week would hold, so I cancelled. I felt really terrible about that. I know there was not a large response to that date -- but still felt like I failed the people who had returned their registration. Anyway, I decided it would make me feel better to send them a little notecard along with their checks/money for registering.

The card is 3x3. I stamped SU "Cheesecloth" in the background. I am seriously addicted to that stamp -- hoping it fades a little after halloween. I sponged the edges with black. The witch is from "Booglie Eyes" and she is colored with a blender pen and the lids of the ink pads. I am too cheap to buy the SU markers as of yet. The brads on the bottom were for balance. A simple card, but I think it turned out pretty CUTE! The only thing I want to do slightly differently if I were to make it again is to add googlie eyes on the witch! I think it would just add that little extra ooomph!!!

Things to look forward to this week:

Karen2 from SCS is coming Saturday.
Grey's Anatomy Season 3 begins Thursday.

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Denise said...

Amanda - so sorry to hear about the loss of your grandma and the dilemma you've been faced with lately. Treasure the memories - those will be what you think of when you think of her in the days to come.
I think your little card is adorable. I love that you stamped the cheesecloth in orange - a great contrast with the colorful ribbons you used. I'm really enjoying your blog!