Sunday, October 29, 2006

DO you miss me yet?

Okay, so sorry I have been MIA. I have been so busy. Yesterday I got three teeth filled and then had to take my kids to a Halloween Party at our church. In the morning I worked on treats for it, and cupcakes. The cupcakes were Halloween funfetti, and then frosted with butter frosting and then sprayed with the Wilton color spray. Then I pressed a spider ring into each one. I think they turned out awesome. Some of them looked like they had dead spiders on them.

M dressed up as a pirate, as per E's request. J was a shark. They looked just so darn cute. E was my little witch. She was so excited. I made her costume. I am completely sewing challenged, so this was a big deal to me. I just used a body suit on top, but the skirt was what I made. It turned out fabulous!!!!

There was lots to do at the party. They had an area to eat, and these huge sub sandwiches. They had a play area, with all sorts of games: A bean bag toss, a balloon popping one, a fishing one, a donut eating one, and one called the cake walk, which is where every kid walks around in a circle on this little squares and when STOP is yelled (or music turned off) they all stop and a color is called and if you are on that color you get to choose a cupcake. It was a really cute idea (that is what the cupcakes above were for). Of course, my kids chose to eat the brightest orange and messiest ones *sigh* Oh, and there was even a hayride complete with spooky scenes set up for you to hayride past. E insisted we go on that one, and she had a lot of fun with it.

After that, all the kids went "trunk or treating" which is where we adults all have our cars lined up and the kids trick or treat at each car. M and I decided to give out full size candy bars, which was so exciting to a lot of kids. It was great! I enjoyed watching everyone's costumes and M took E around. J stayed with me and drank some water. He was sugared out and tired out.

We went home and the kids enjoyed choosing out some candy to eat before bed. They both were super excited. I got M to take a picture of me with them, because somehow I never make any of the pictures -- and afterall, I was wearing my cat ears. After a good teeth brushing, we tucked the kids into bed to go to sleep.

Here is the one of me and kids:


Karen said...

Looks like you had a great time! Yummy cupcakes and you totally rocked that costume *high fives*!

Karen said...

what a fun time!! super cute costume - I don't sew so this totally ROCKZ!! hmm..might need to bake some cupcakes now...those look so yummy!!

Leslie said...

wow, looks like you all had a wonderful time. Great job on her costume.

texasjodylynn said...

Your kids look adorable as always!