Monday, October 09, 2006

Finally: CK Kits

So last night after I finished watching Desperate Housewives (SPOILER ALERT: so soapy, but oh my gosh I cannot believe Andrew went home to Bree) and "The Lake House" (I was surprised at how good this one was -- DH had to over analyze it though, as usual *sigh*), I decided to work on the cards in the card kits that I got at the Creating Keepsakes convention. Since I was not in the class, but just volunteering, I did not make them while I was there, but the teachers were very generous and I got a kit for each one with insturctions. Naturally, I had to embellish, modify and make them mine. It was a lot of fun to play around. These three cards are from the class called "Card Work not House Work: Wash, Dry, and Embellish" by Wendy Johnson. It was fun. My favorite part was the glue charms with rub ons on top -- look really snazzy for just a glob of glue if you ask me. Look for me to do this on future cards. *smiles* I also like how these cards involve no stamping. It was good for me to work a little more with paper and no stamps.

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Lisa said...

Amanda these are beautiful. I don't see us as just "rubber stampers" We are paper crafters. I think anyone would be thrilled to receive one of these. P.S. I love the glue dot!