Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I got the Doodle bug again

WARNING: Sunglasses may be required when viewing my latest creation.

Is Wednesday hard for anyone else? HUMP DAY - I swear it is the toughest day for me. I always feel overwhelmed by what I have not accomplished and what needs to get finished to survive the weekend, and often will just disregard all of it and just veg in front of the computer and stamp.

This is a stamp from JoAnn's $1 section. A dear friend of mine, Jen, told me it looked like a face, so this is my attempt to make it look less like a face by adding some doodles. It was fun to try. . . the background is stamped with the little star from retired Shapes and Shadows. Then I dotted in the middle of each one. The wavy stitching was done on my sewing machine -- very cool. I added the gingham and the brads both for interest. All in all I think it is a funky little card, and I am totally in the swing of designing Christmas cards for the year -- two days in a row! WOOHOO!!!!


Vicki said...

Very cute!

Jennie said...

dang that's cute!!
well done, amanda! :)