Saturday, October 14, 2006


So, splitcoaststampers is down right now. A real bummer cause I was in the mood to sit online and chat with my goofy chatter friends tonight. Also a bummer because I just commented on a bunch of cards and they all still claim to be "loading" but have been doing that for an hour. I am trying to stay up because Stampin' Up! will have their new mini catalog online for demonstrators tonight at midnight. I really really want to see what is in it. I should be getting an order Monday (but it is mostly paper - YUCK), but if the catalog is really good, I might have to place another order sooner, rather than later (YAY!)

Today was a pretty good day all in all. It started off with me getting my "Slumber Parties" order from a fellow SCS'er. It was so generous of her. She included a great card, and a tin that was decorated with designer papers. Inside the tin was a hodgepodge of metal -- brads, hodgepodge, buttons, eyelets, basically all sorts of coolness. She also sent a couple of gag gifts, which were too funny! She is a riot! I cannot believe how sweet she was to send the extras in my package.

After I got the mail, I went out for my mommy time. I went to Lowes because I needed to return my fan (the one we got was missing pieces) and get a replacement. I also got a curtain rod for J's curtains (hooray, he will finally have a topper over his blinds), and a yummy hot chocolate candle, and a plant pot and soil to replant my aloe vera (because it is in this tiny pot and is really struggling.) After that, I went to The Creative Quest and bought two stamps and a glitter pen (which I needed for Super Saturday next Saturday). Then I quickly drove back from Glendale to Avondale, and met DH and the kids at Claim Jumper for a late afternoon lunch. It was great. Lots of fun! My kids are so funny, but we lived somehow. When we got home the kids were super tired, so they went to bed early and now at 9 pm, still have not woken up, so I think I am going to let them just sleep the night through, if they will. I think they need extra sleep.

Which brings us to now . . . what to do, what to do . . . I worked on a card box (box to contain cards as a gift) and N O E L letters for my wall, but they are not quite done (soon, I promise I will show you them soon.) I think I am going to go through my sample drawers soon and pick out samples (christmas ones) for Super Saturday and maybe first stamp a little gift bag . . . anyway, it is only 9 pm, so I might be back if I am bored again! See ya!

P.S. We're at 52 subscribers -- when we get to 100 there is gonna be some partying!!!


Cindy said...

What a cool little tin!

Vicki said...

always a good day when you get fun things in the mail......I should know.....wink!!!