Thursday, October 12, 2006

Winners got their prizes. . .

Congrats to my winners. I just want to post what I sent to them, so you could be jealous (*or not*). Karen was super generous and sent me the pictures, because in my haste to get them into the mail, I totally spaced it on taking a picture - DUH!!!

Inside was some primas, some chipboard, nail polish, gum, chocolates in a tin, tissue, and ribbon. I think that was it. That is all I can remember. Anyway, hope that the girls liked it. I will send prizes again when we get to subscriber #100 -- but we have a bit of time to wait before then . . . or you can shock me into action . . . whatever you all like *grins*

1 comment:

Vicki said...

Just coming by to say I got my fab prize in the mail too. I can not beleive how cute it is, and all the great stuff inside. I love it! Thanks so much!!!!!