Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All Saints Day

For the next three days my stamp room/aka office, is is a mess because the builders accidentally screwed up and put the wall in the wrong place, so they are going to knock out the wall and rebuild it in the right spot. I had to move all my stamp stuff to one side of the room, which is sad because now I cannot use my stamp room. They should be done in three days though, so I will be able to stamp next week. I will post the stuff from Super Saturday soon too -- maybe this weekend, after they finish because I went to look and there is no way I can access anything of mine in that room. It is all plastic covered and scary. I really want to photograph the stuff for you and I promise I am not just teasing you all -- it has just been seriously hectic. I am sure you all know how it goes . . . be back soon!

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Jen said...

I'm sorry your stamp room is destroyed and you can't play! But think of how lovely it will be with an actual closet when it's done!!!