Thursday, November 16, 2006

Etched and Embossed Candle Holders

I found these great little glass candle holders at Walmart for less than $1 each, but they were so plain, so I used glass etching cream and etched them with small snowflakes and then embossed larger silver snowflakes on top after the etching was done and the first layer of embossing was removed. I used the emboss resist etching technique, which was really simple and produced awesome results. I wish I could get a better picture where you could see the smaller flakes more clearly, but just know that they are super pretty in real life. I placed those faker tea lights inside them and the girls at church thought they were great!!!

To complete them, I tied them with a piece of white organdy ribbon and a little bit of silver cord. The large snowflake is from "All Through the Year" stamp set by SU, and the smaller snowflake is from "Cold Play" also by SU!

You can buy etching creme at JoAnn's and Michael's and I am sure lots more places, it is not cheap, but the results I have seen so far have been awesome and I have not used very much of the small bottle of creme I bought.

I also did another candle for Super Saturday, but it was just a matter of covering it with decorative paper and adding a little gift tag. It still turned out pretty cute and I thought I would include it. (Sorry about the kind of blurry pic.)


Jen said...

Really pretty Amanda!!

Melissa said...

Beautiful, Amanda! WOW! Did the second embossing (the silver snowflakes) stick really well to the etched parts? I know the first embossing comes off easily to do the etched part, but I'm assuming that once the glass is etched it sticks really well??

Lisa said...

these are awesome. you are doing great work!

Dorinda said...

Dang Girl you are rockin'!!