Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Painting is FUN, in small doses.

So as you know we decided to try to get painting done before Christmas. I decided to take a minute and post a couple pictures of the room (apparently my camera decided to suck and forgot to tell me). I used BEHR paint and was satisfied with the results after three coats on the red wall. The red was called "Red Red Wine (S-H-130)" and the neutral color is called "Toasted Wheat (280E-3)." I really like the warm feeling it gives the room. I also love the contrast of the black frames and white mattes on the bright wall. Anyway, be brave, be bold and paint something a bright color, it is FUN!

I really like the works of Vettriano, so I decided to put three of them on the walls in this area. The three pictures I have are in there are: The Singing Butler, Dance Me to the End of Love, and Waltzers. M also has a "space" - kind of an office - in this area, so he is going to put up a couple of posters there. I think his posters (framed I might add) will work in his area in this room. His posters all have a golden coloring that I think will match so well. Oh, and speaking of golden . . .

Here is my bathroom that we painted the weekend before. The color is a yellow -- kind of mellow, warm yellow . . . golden. I love how it turned out. The camera did not get the colors perfectly true, but this is close. I really like my bathroom. The bathroom also has a Vettriano print in it -- called "Elegy for a Dead Admiral"

Okay, so the kids are still asleep, so I am going to put in some time on the starbook tutorial (shhhh, don't tell anyone because I am supposed to be cleaning toilets and washing sheets and such in preparation for my mom's arrival tomorrow) and hopefully I will be able to post it later today or tomorrow . . . check back.


Jennie said...

Gorgeous work :)

JenMarie said...

We built a house last year and used colors very similar to your wheat and wine. And yep, black accents are working wonderfully!