Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What's For Dinner Wednesday -- Ooops

I almost neglected you on What's For Dinner Wednesday again . . .

Well, to be honest, M and I are still working on getting our rooms back to normal. We finished painting the livingroom, diningroom and kitchen. We still need to do the library. E and J have come down with a cough and cold. So, I am dealing with two cranky children while I try to get all the painting and cleaning and decorating and food prepared and done for Thursday(aka tomorrow - YIKES). Tomorrow is the ornament class, so here I am up at 11 pm, working on getting everything clean and tidy. Anyway, tonight for dinner we had KFC. But, here is a quick and easy meal idea, inspired by KFC for you to try:

Wannabe KFC Bowls

Have you seen the bowls they have at KFC? They actually do taste really yummy. Here is how we make them at home. Still super fattening, but tastes so yummy! Mmmmm!

1/2 bag of popcorn chicken (the frozen kind)
1 can corn
3-4 potatoes, cooked and mashed
1 pkg instant chicken gravy, prepared
shredded cheese

Layer potatoes in bowl. Sprinkle popcorn chicken on top. Then sprinkle corn on top. Top with cheese shreds. Pour warm gravy over entire bowl and serve and enjoy.

I promise to update you on Friday and show off some of the stuff I have made. Tomorrow will be WAY too hectic to check in. Hope you are enjoying your busy holidays and are safe, happy and healthy.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Amanda, My DH has been wanting to try those so now I will make them at home for him.
Lois Michael