Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bellas and Boxes - Oh My!

I got my Bellas yesterday *giddies* I only ordered three because M instituted a new "budget" into play this month, and I have been trying to do better! I admit it, I have a serious shopping problem *smiles* But I am a good shopper!

So I started out yesterday by creating a coaster box. I had never done it before, so I followed Taylor's directions on SCS. Her directions are awesome and make it really easy to make one of these, so if you have coasters, try it and if not, next time you are out for dinner, as your waiter if you can have 5 of them . . . hehehe. I did end up making a couple of changes. One, I used glossy accents, which is similar to crystal effects, instead of modge podge. I couldn't find my modge podge for the life of me. Anyway, the other change I made was that i put the base of the box inside the patterned coasters. It fit with ease and I glued on the exterior bottom area, but inside the box so you don't see the undecorated coaster. It turned out perfect! I can't wait to give this to someone because I just love to see people react to my creations! The paper is by Rob and Bob Studios -- I got it when I was in El Paso at the gathering at Jody's (Thank you Jody for having such great taste). I still need to add a sentiment, or tag or greeting or something on it, but I am not sure who the recipient should be yet, so I will wait. Oh, and the ribbons are all either from Hobby Lobby or by American Crafts. Inside is an entire bag of Hershey's Caramel Kisses - YUMMY and so INDULGENT!!!

Then I checked the mail and my Bellas had arrived. If you want Bellas they can be found HERE. I am excited about them, because not only are they totally cute and chic, but they are from Canada, and even my home province, so that makes them cool!!! I ordered emmybella, flowahbella, and giftabella with hat. Here is my first card ever with a Bella. When I looked at the paper I was thinking of using, I decided it would make some snazzy pants for Emmy - so I stamped the pants and cut them out and put them on. You can't really see the stickles well, but there are some on her bag, and shirt. The brads in the corner were an afterthought, but I think they help balance it out a bit. The lime polka dot ribbon is by American Crafts and you know what, my hubby M got it for me for christmas. He has pretty good taste! There again is that "Just a Little Note" sentiment by Stampendous . . . I really like it. Oh and I also used a gelly roll sparkle on her hair, just some outlines to make her really shine! Cannot wait to play more with the Bellas!

So, I am now at about 45K views. I think we are going to have a celebration for 50K -- so let me know what you think of the blog so far and how you would like me to change it, what you would like to see, etc. Oh, and if you have not subscribed, you should *smiles*


Stephanie said...

Hi Amanda,
I just wanted to let you know I love your blog.
I found it maybe two weeks ago and you are now on my bookmarks bar.
I love your creations and am very inspired by your projects.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

My first Bellas are on their way! Weeeeeeee! I love your card - it's so retro looking. I don't know if that's what you were going for, but I LOVE it.

Alissa said...

Love your blog! I like your stampin style. Do more! What?! Don't have time with two little kids? I hear ya. Well, it never hurts to ask.

Oh, you need to update us on the potty training. My daughter was almost four! Nightmare. My son is three (turned in November) and is not doing it yet. Ugh. I despise potty training. I also have a third child who will be two in May. I'm hoping to potty train the last two kids together in June when it's warm. Think peer pressure from their sibling will help? Don't know but I'm gonna try. Good luck!

Looking forward to seeing more of your magic!

charlee said...

I love your blog. You are so talented and you make this blog so interesting. I'm with you I love the new Bellas, I ordered 7 of them and then turned around and ordered 9 more. Congrats on almost 50,000 hits, that's awesome and a testiment to your talent. You go girl!!!!

Allison said...

Love your bella!

Cyndi said...

Such a cool retro bella!

Love the candy box also, it turned out fantastic! I bet the person that received it loved it!