Thursday, January 11, 2007

REVIEW: John Tucker Must Die

I am a total sucker for cheesy teen movies like these, so this was fun! If you wanna relax and laugh a bit, this is totally the movie for you (if you are into this kind of movie).Totally hilarious movie! Had some awesome lines. I love the idea of it all and Jesse Metcalfe is just adorable. He has these great eyes . . . YUMMY! We watched the rated version, but I bet the unrated one is even funnier. Okay, here are some of the funny lines:

Beth: I was so depressed I couldn't even enjoy the break-up sex.
the girls: [the girls stare at Beth]
Beth: Oh my gosh. I'm such a slut!


Carrie: It's not that hard, um... when he speaks to you count to three in your head before you answer him.
Heather: Don't show any interest. Don't even look at him too much.
Carrie: Yeah yeah. You got it?
[long pause]
Carrie: I said you got it?
Kate: I was counting to three!
Beth: Not that slowly! We don't what him to think you're retarded!


Carrie: [sees the entire basketball team wearing thongs] Unbelievable.
Beth: [on phone, angrily] I'd hit him with my car if he wouldn't make body casts a fashion statement.


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Donna B. said...

I totally liked that movie too! it had a lot of funny parts. Thanks for reminding me of them