Thursday, January 18, 2007


Today I was feeling kinda blah! I needed to go shopping for a present for a birthday party that E is going to, so I went to Target. Mmmmm, I love Target. I did the "traditional" browse the $1 spot. I was looking for the mailboxes for a friend, but no luck. We did find a Sleeping Beauty doll and a cute scooter and shirt set. E really likes what we got. Next we went to JoAnn's because I wanted to see if I could score some of the Rhonna Farrer stamps I had heard about and I did in fact find some, but the selection was really "picked over." I bought three of them and three other wooden $1 stamps and decided to try and look at another JoAnn's. I had no luck at the other JoAnn's store I went to, but I did remember that I was close to my favorite stamp store. So, we went to it. I usually do not go there with my kids because it is one of those stores that my kids could actually wreck everything, but they were amazingly well behaved and I found some Karen Foster Snap Stamps for a really reasonable price, as well as I got some EZ Mount Stamp and Store Foam, and a plain square stamp that was being clearanced out for 1/2 price. Oh, and I bought my first bottle of diamond Stickles. I fully intend to use that soon! There were some gorgeous Penny Black stamps that were just in and I was really tempted, but J got bored right then and I had to leave because he was cranky and I did not want him to wreck stuff . . . so maybe next time. On the way home we stopped at Ceretta's Candy Co. and went in for a sample. I figured if we all got Sugar free and just one each, it was not that bad of an indulgence and would not totally destroy my diet and exercise. E and J were so excited! They had so much fun picking out which one to try.

So, if you are wondering where I was and why no new uploads . . . there you have it. I was taking a procure new stamping materials day *smiles* I am sure you can appreciate that.

POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING: Oh, and for all you Grey's Anatomy fans . . . how good was that show tonight eh? It made me laugh, cry and shake my fist at the screen. I am so glad that Alex and Addi are hooking up! They match well. I wonder how Izzy will take that. I am glad that the surgery went well with the patient Izzy donated the money for. How cool is that? I am sad that George's dad had to die, and I wonder how he will do with it. I really hope he clings to Callie because I just love them together. I think it was cool to see Cristina talk to him about it at the end. It is always nice to see that she is human. Meredith cracks me up . . . I loved her conversation with dear old daddy. Too funny! All in all, I love this show and cannot wait till next week. I haven't been so addicted to a show since "Friends" and "90210" -- lol!

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Wow, great finds!