Friday, February 02, 2007

Grey's Anatomy and other such mumblings . . .

Oh my gosh! The show was so amazing tonight. I thought it was so cool that they all pulled together to work on that patient. And how cool is it that Bailey got her clinic? Does anyone else think that Bailey is going to be named new Chief?(*raise your hand*) I keep getting that vibe. Oh, and George and Callie with her insane middle name (way to go on that one writers) made me laugh out loud. I am so glad that they are married. Oh, and I am glad that Kristina said yes! YAY! Addison Montgomery -- SHAME SHAME SHAME! I could not even believe it! Such a BAD girl! Not a lot of McDreamy moments in this episode, but I suppose it is good that they develop the other characters -- right? I also wanted to comment on Meredith and her acting on this episode. I am so used to seeing her as weak, la di da Mer, that it was so cool to see her act. She did awesome. I love that they made her character more tonight! I absolutely LOVE this show! They previews for the next three episodes look AMAZING and I am not sure I can wait till next week *stomps foot impatiently*

Oh, and thanks for the comments the other day. Someone asked for a potty training update, so here it is. E is doing really well. She has no daytime accidents. She goes potty before naptime and is usually fine until she wakes up. She is still wearing diapers at night but that is because I need to remember to buy a plastic sheet for her bed. I will get that soon though and then I think she will be good to go. The bad news is that J is 2.5 and wants to learn to go "big boy" and so it looks like as soon as I get E trained and the puppy monster trained, he will want to be next. *Phews* That is a lot of training . . . let me just tell you!

Today is my little girls 4th birthday! Time just flies by! I cannot believe she has grown up so fast into a 4 year old! YIKES! I am so excited though, this is the first year we have had a "friend" birthday party. We will be having a party on Saturday. The theme is Disney Princesses and there will be 5 little 3-4 year olds there! How fun!!! E is so excited!

Last item on my mind tonight. I decided I wanted a label maker so I can get more organized, so, I bought one, I got the DYMO personal labelmaker because it was the cheaper one and I thought, "they're all the same right?" WRONG! It is going back tomorrow. Reason 1 is because it kept getting jammed inside the machine when it went to print and then looked bad. Reason 2 is because the ink printed unevenly and there are some tags that look awful, and Reason 3 is because the tags are IMPOSSIBLE to peel the backing off of. RIDICULOUS! Basically, I tried on one strip to peel it for like 5 minutes and then decided that was enough. This little hunk of junk will be headed back to Tarjay tomorrow. I think I am going to try the P-Touch. Oh and Target better take it back. I used all the tape up, but I am bringing it in with all the tape I printed and the messed up ones too, and all the original packaging and the receipt. They will take that back right? Hope so!


InspiredByInk said...

Hi Amanda! I just wanted to let you know that my DD wore pull ups at night (makes for much better clean up than a plastic sheet!) for a couple months after being able to hold it during the day. I would have emailed you this but could not find a link for that. We make sure she goes potty to 'empty her bladder' every night before bed even if she says she doesn't have to go (usually ends in an accident or waking screaming and running to the potty which is ACROSS from her room). I tell her to go ahead and try. Just need a month or two to train the bladder (or it might be developed enough to hold it that long) for overnight usage! HTH


Marjori Miller - Phoenix, AZ said...

If you buy the DYMO Letra Tag, thier backing comes off super has a slice down the center & you just fold it to pop the backing off! :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh I promise you if you buy the won't regret it!

Lisa said...

Amanda, I have the ptouch 550. I think that is the number. I love it. It came with a program and an address book for the computer so say I want your address, I find you on my address book and press a button and I have your address ready to mail.
Also you can print on different sizes. I can print out recipes for swaps and it saves your layouts too!
I love it!

Becca said...

I liked the fact that her name now is Callie O'Malley haha. Do you think they (screenwriters) planned that one?? Really got a kick out of that whole marriage union. Glad to see that they are married too.

InspiredByInk said...

OMG, I am so glad you wrote this! I had a workshop so I missed it. Luckily it replayed friday night and I was able to watch it. SO true on pompei's acting. It was much better than the normal drone she is! Great show except for that toxic lady! Yikes! TFS