Saturday, February 10, 2007

Playing with UHU Glue

Awhile ago I signed up to receive some free samples of UHU glue products. I got two products in the mail. One was a colored glue stick (which I have used before - pretty normal except you can see where the glue is on your page), and the second was something I had not seen before, UHU Creativ Scrapbookers Pen. I admit, I was completely skeptical because usually liquid glues do all sorts of horrid stuff, like bubble your paper, or make them rip easily, still I gave this one a chance because as part of receiving the samples, I was supposed to include a review here on my blog. Also, I wanted to include a link to Maria Filosa's Project Blog -- I think you might like it!

This is a name frame I made. If you click on it, you can see it in better detail. I am really pleased with how it turned out. I used the UHU Creativ Scrapbookers Pen on the letters to adhere the paper to them. The letters are made of cardboard (thin cardboard). They are raised on popdots. I sponged the outside of each letter with pixie pink ink. The pink letters have white faux stitching on the edges. Everything else is pretty self explanatory! Oh, and the space at the bottom where it looks like it needs something, I am going to put her name definition in (as soon as I can get my stupid Microsoft word to stop crashing and work again -- GRRR!).

Can I just tell you I am amazed with this product. It is just the right consistency so that it is not too watery and holds well. I used it to adhere paper to cardboard (thin stuff) and had no problems with bubbling or any other weirdness. I used it on another project to adhere paper to wood, and chipboard and no problems there either.

My only concerns are that I don't prefer the dispenser tip -- I wish there was a better way to make the glue smooth on, rather than trying to paint it around so much with the tip -- not sure how though. Also, I find that there are stings when you let it sit for a couple of minutes (strings of glue that dried), and that is a little annoying to pick off the dispenser. All in all, AWESOME product though, I would buy it again if I saw it somewhere and needed some glue. It is comparable to mono-multi to me *smiles*


Kamie said...


Great name frame! I have an Emma too! A couple of questions for you on the supplies used--1) do you remember the name of the paper, 2) where did you get the large frame, 3) are the flowers prima?

TIA, and TFS!!! Kamie :0)

Amanda said...

I cannot remember the name of the paper. I even have a scrap left and I cannot find a name on it *pouts* The large frame was from the Dollar Tree -- I got it a long time ago, but they always have them there. Yes, the flowers are Prima.


scrappinmomof3 said...

I Love this frame. can you tell me what size frame you used I would like to make one for my goddaughter. I love you page.

Lois said...

Really cute frame. Happy belated birthday!

Sharon said...

Manda, your frame is so soft and pretty! I love it!

Dorinda said...

Holy Wowzers!!!
Amanda This is awesome!! amazing! Fabulous!! Great job!!

Jen70 said...

This name frame is absolutely adorable!

Saw your comment... Yes. I'm honored you want to visit my blog. Thanks!


Lisa said...

This is really an adorable keepsake. So girly! :)

Kristine said...

WOWZERS!! That's a terrific name frame!! I can't say that I've ever tried one of these, but it's soo cute and adorable, and I have 2 girls who would LOVE them! (and 3 neices, and my best friend's kids, and...) :0) THANKS for the're so full of them, and I just love your blog!