Saturday, February 24, 2007

WT101 - Sponging

Spring has sprung . . . the birds are doing it on my balcony again (no really, I even showed my hubby when I glanced over out my window and they were going at it again -- he thinks it is funny) . . . it is raining a lot here in Phoenix, and I am totally into light pastel colors again!

Sponging is something I TOTALLY never use. Well, that is not entirely true -- I occasionally do the "dirty" sponging using chocolate chip or close to cocoa ink . . . but usually that is because I messed something up and I am trying to fix it *wink*

This challenge was cool to me. I had these little clothes pins sitting on my desk since my last trip to Scrapbooks Etc. and I knew I wanted to use them for something fun, but I was having difficulty being inkspired. Anyway, I started to cover them with paper, and this is what I came up with. At first I did the almost amythest plain, but I decided it needed some springtime oomph, so I added the little flowers in white craft in (flowers from Small Sayings set -SU!), then the gems just sort of happened (I love things with bling), and then Jody had given me a stack of coasters, so I started to alter one of those because I had seen it done this way by others, and I had it sitting straight - very square, but something did not look right, so I was surfing, waiting for the ink to dry and I went to Jody's blog, and was totally inkspired to turn the square slightly to make it more diamond looking, and then to add the stitching on the edge of the paper. Then it still was not quite balanced looking, so I added the ribbons on the chipboard coaster, and VOILA! Special thanks to Jody for inkspiring me. This project would not have been the same without that! Off to do some more stamping. Have a great day!


Heidi said...

So cute! Love the rhinestones and the ribbon! I need to get some big clothes pins, and paper clips too!

Julia Stainton said...

I LOVE it! Love the sponging with the fresh colors and the bling...super cute!