Thursday, March 08, 2007


Oi! Times flies when you are busy busy busy! Okay, I finally finished the prizes for my last blog contest - you know, the one where I had you all guess my middle name sometime back in *embarrassed* February. EEK!

Inside of these coaster boxes are the following:

  • Two rolls of American Craft Ribbon
  • One Roll of ribbon by Michael's on wooden Ribbon spool
  • One bag of brads, eyelets, paperclips
  • One Prima assortment (including leaves and flowers)
  • One bag of punches (scalloped ovals and corners - assorted colors and sizes.)
  • One bag of fibers (hemp, wire, funky yarn, rick rack)
  • One stamp, One sheet of puffy stickers, Two paper bag books -- just choose how to tie together and decorate, starbursts.
Congratulations again to the winners of these: Jeri and JenMarie. I will get these out today! So watch for them early next week! Thanks for your patience. I am so sorry for not getting these out sooner . . . but I hope that they are cool enough that you will think they were worth the wait.

I just wanted to add the sweet comments that I got from both of the winners! Their emails made me tear up!

I am so thrilled with my prize! I keep getting all the goodies out and looking at them. What a wonderful package to receive! I am posting a picture of something I made this morning with the vanilla scallopped oval and some of the prima flowers. You sure did make me smile... Jeri


I got my amazing coaster box full of goodies from you today! I'm just totally in shock over the spendiferous box and ALL of the goodies inside! (I've never seen a prima or scalloped punch in 'real' life before...just on blogs!!!)
Thanks SOOOO much!
I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for taking the time to share your wonderful works of art!
Now, you be watching your mail..........
Thanks again and again and again!!!


Karen said...

Super cute Amanda! I am sure the winners will love the prizes!Adorable as always

Teresa said...

Fabulous blog candy, Manda!!! Totally worth the wait!

bethtrue said...

wow Amanda - i'm sure the winners don't mind the wait - what a super treat they are getting!! nice job as always! :-)

Have a great day -
Beth (tired mommy to a busy 3 1/2 year old)

Peggy Maier said...

Gee...why didn't I win? (OK ... whining over for the day) The winners are gonna love these - well worth the wait!

Dorinda said...

Sweet Lute!!!

JenMarie said...

Wow Amanda! These look awesome!