Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What's For Dinner Wednesday - Pierogies, Salad and Cake with Berries

WOW, that is like the longest post title I have ever done. Spring has spring here in AZ. The trees are blossoming and the weather is just gorgeous. So today it is 85 degrees, and I don't want something casserole like -- so we are having pierogies. I decided I would just tell you how I prepare my dinner and if you want, you can copy my menu plan -- so not really a recipe per se -- but a yummy dinner for sure. Oh, and Jen, my friend, is dreaming of spring, so here are some pictures of my gorgeous tree in bloom! It is so fun to go outside and look at it!

Stuff you need: 1 box of pierogies, seasoning salt, bacon (2-3 pieces), cooking spray or butter, sour cream, shredded cheese, romaine lettuce, 2-3 roma tomatoes, garlic croutons, english cucumber, white cake mix, strawberries, sugar, whipped cream, salad dressing

I have a box of cheese and potato pierogies. I got these ones at Target -- and I have never tried this brand before, so I am excited. They were cheaper than my usual brand. So first, I boil them until they are soft. Then I drain the water and then I place bacon (I use turkey bacon) and cooking spray in my pan and pan fry the pierogies until they are crispy on the outside. While I am cooking them, I sprinkle them with a dash of seasoning salt. I serve with the bacon crisped, some sour cream and a little cheese. Mucho fattening, but totally YUMMY!

We are simple folks when it comes to salad at my house. Our favorite salad contains romaine lettuce, 2-3 roma tomatoes, 1/2 an english cucumber, peeled, and 1/2 cup of garlic croutons. Top with your favorite dressing and enjoy! Sometimes we add garbanzo beans to this, or boiled egg pieces when we are looking for a heartier salad.

I am just going to make a white cake, let it cool. Then chop up my strawberries and let them sit in the fridge with some sugar on them. THEN, when it is time to serve, slice a piece of cake, cover with generous whipped cream, and then spoon strawberries over the top!

That is what is for dinner here today! ENJOY!

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