Friday, July 06, 2007

Confessions -- I've Lost My Mojo!

Okay, I am sure we all have days when whatever we stamp, it comes out looking . . . er, "special" -- well today is that day for me. Seriously! Here is what I made:

The first card was my attempt at mulberry batik. I wanted to create a Valentine using that as the background. I even used a super cute Penny Black stamp in addition to the batik piece and it still turned out totally junky!

I even tried adding some fun polka dot ribbon -- one of my fave things to use and something that usually saves my cards when they are going downhill fast -- and yet . . . it didn't work *cries* I think I feel like it just needs another background layer or something -- like if I layered the white piece on chocolate chip or something it *might* work. Of course, it is too late for that since there is no room to trim it so I could *sigh*

The second card is a bit better than my first today. You can always tell when I have not stamped in a couple days because things just look wonky on the cards I make. This card features another adorable Penny Black stamp and yet, something went terribly wrong with the rest of the card. I really like the color combination in the background paper, but for some reason . . . it looks weird. Better than the first one, but weird. "Thinking of You" sentiment is by "katie & co."Paper is My Minds Eye - Kaleidoscope Pink Flowers. I will have to revisit both of these cards a little later when my mojo has returned to see what I can do. Until then, they are yours to laugh at! Oh and get this -- the layout was inspired somewhat by one done by Julie HRR! Impressive that I could screw it up that much!
Hopefully I will get some more stamping done over the weekend. I have some upcoming deadlines that I need to work on stuff for (but I am scared to after today's stamping fiasco). Oh and we are at 95K visits -- getting closer and closer to 100K! Thanks for visiting!

Happy stamping!


Karen said...

these are cute Amanda!

Dorinda said...

They are not junky they are super cute!!

Teresa said...

They are both adorable, Manda!!!

Lisa said...

I think the cow card is ADORABLE!!!
My mojo is missing right now and I can tell you, there is nothing you want to see. I love that cow stamp by the way!!!
I think to that sometimes we try to hard and when we just let it happen, good things are created.
I know I'm trying to hard. LOL