Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Creating Keepsakes Convention Highlights and Projects I Did

Happy Tuesday! I thought I would take a couple minutes out of my insane schedule for the day and post some pictures of a couple of the projects that I did at Creating Keepsakes convention this past weekend in Phoenix. It was fun as usual.

I volunteered for the crop on Thursday night, which I think is the best crop as you complete a 6x6 album in one night. Each of the pages is designed by a different sponsor. I was surprised at how few people there were there. It seemed super calm. It was nice to see Michaela and the other creating keepsakes team gals. As I have volunteered 3 times, they seemed to remember me more now. They are always super cute. Michaela had a new grand baby and the pictures were just darling!!!

Saturday morning I volunteered in classes in the morning. The first class I helped out in was "Journey: Accordian Keepsake Book" sponsored by Zsiage and taught by a cute Arizona girl named Jami Myers. Her hubby helped out too. It was a fun class and everyone kept super busy making the book. Zsiage sells this cool thing called the scrapodex. Their paper was just gorgeous and if you like the vintage look, you should totally check out their site: www.zsiage.com Jami was a sweetie and said that I was a great volunteer and gave me a copy of the project package at the end of class. I did it the next morning at home and it turned out super cute!!!

The second and third classes I helped out in were sponsored by Boxer Scrapbooks and were taught by a lady named Laura. One was an adorable scrapbook in a DVD tin (Mickey Mouse Theme) and used this cool product I had never seen before called "Flip Flop Fasteners." They are super cool. I just had to have some.

After the classes, my friend and I shopped in the vendor fair. I was a good girl and did not buy too much that wasn't on sale *grins* Then I took two classes in the afternoon.

The first class I went to was called "Backstage Pass With Becky Higgins" and truth be told it was kind of a let down because before we bought the tickets we asked if there were projects in the class or if it was just Q&A, and we were told "of course there are projects" but as it turned out, we just got a bag of a few of "Becky's" favorite things (nothing exciting in there really though) and there were no projects and we basically just sat for an hour and a half listening to Becky Higgins talk about her pages. It is a good thing she is such a fun personality to listen to or it would have been super dull because we could barely see the projector images due to some malfunction they were having and all in all, at the end of the class I left feeling cheated.

The second class I went to was by Cara Miller. I had met her and made one of her board books in Mesa and it was fun, so I knew the class would be good. We worked on our books and I got mine almost finished . . . well, kind of sort of. It still needs a title and some fun pictures. By the time that was done, it was 5:30 pm and I was starving because somehow snack mix and capri suns just don't cut it so I headed home. DH took me out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse when I got home because I was not functional and could not cook. LOL! All in all, a decent day.

Anyway, off to take the dog in to the vet with three kids along with me. Should be fun! See you tomorrow!


The Queen Of Scrap said...

These are awesome! Do you have the links to the instructions?

Amanda Sewell said...

Unfortunately I do not have links to the instructions. If you take the classes, they teach you how to make them. Also, Cara Miller has a website where she has monthly board book kits. Google her and I am sure you will find it.

Amanda S

Linda McClain said...

I got to go to CKU in Houston a year ago and it was an over-the-top incredible experience I won't soon forget. Did all my projects get done, though . . . well, no. Your's are lovely. We had similar mixed reviews, but the best time was with my "dorm." I never met my dorm-mates before, but we remain best of friends.

Jami said...

Hi Amanda!
Glad you liked the project! How cool to find you on the net. Love the project you made with the kit!!!