Thursday, September 06, 2007

Picture People Photos

It has seriously been so long since I last got portraits done of the kids, that I decided to go to Picture People, renew my membership and get some. I looked and the last ones we had done were last October *insert terrified emote here* I decided casual pictures would be fun, so I just let them wear what they normally would on any given Thursday and we got pictures. Our photographer was excellent and things have changed at Picture People. They are now not super focused on props, and more focused on just your kids (which is awesome and what I prefer) and the pictures only took 15 minutes to load/develop and then you can view them on the computer and choose what you like. We had lots of fun! My kids were both full of smiles and it was a great session.


Gramma Lori said...

I have the cutest most adorable grandbabies ever !!!

love you guys !!!

JenMarie said...

What beautiful kids!

Sharon said...

Awww they are so cute! They are growing up so much!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are both gorgeous, and so photogenic!

You must be so proud!