Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I've been ELFED!

So I got a private message in my box the other day on SCS, and then a couple days later, another one came and I was informed that I had been elfed twice and I needed to send my address and choose 2 other people per elfing to elf as well. I still am working on who to choose . . . there are so many cool people who are so awesome on SCS . . . here is the thread if you are interested in gifting a couple of your friends this holiday season. Also, apparently they have a second thank you thread that everyone has been posting on here.

Anyway, I wanted to show you what two very generous people did for me . . . I was so surprised by the amount of generosity it made me teary. I feel so loved by my stamping friends and I just want to thank the two sweet elves publicly for how awesome they made me feel and how they both went over the top in surprising me.

ELF #1 (We'll fictitiously call this one Jody - lol) sent me: a cute handmade altered lunch tin with an Elzybells stamp inside, a big roll of pretty ribbon, an acrylic stamp set by My Favorite Things -- so cute, and a gorgeous card!!! You were busted by the style -- it looked like you -- but then I saw where it was from and knew without a doubt!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I love it all and I love the edge of the card with the icy look -- you will totally have to show me how you did that sometime soon!!

Plus this awesome acrylic stamp set:

ELF #2 (who we will fictitiously call Jennie) sent this: 3 acrylic stamps designed exclusively for 2Jills, Lily Kate Ribbon, Prima Belle Fleur, Deluxe Designs Plain Janes, Deluxe Designs Fleur Classic Laser Cut, 2 cards by My Minds Eye, Imaginisce Chantilly Charms in Antique Silver, and a Basic Grey Half Pint Album (which I had been totally coveting but had not spent the money on yet and now I have one *giddies*) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU girl! It was so awesome to hear from you and this was a wonderful surprise and I appreciate and can't wait to play with all of it!!! You are so generous and I miss you!!!

Aren't I lucky???

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Karen said...

Dang! You are really really lucky! Those are awesome gifts! LMBO........ficticiously Jody and Jennie cracks me up! I would have guessed too!