Monday, December 31, 2007

Brand Spanking New Year - 2008

Happy New Year! Hooray for 2008! I cannot believe how fast this year went by. And I cannot believe that I actually accomplished my goal this past year to get published. Here is to another year of accomplishing my goals. Hope this year brings you all the happiness and health and stamps you deserve. I think my first goal that I think I want to accomplish this year is to keep up on the laundry in my house. The second is to get healthy -- increase my water consumption!

I made some cupcakes this afternoon! Yummy chocolate cupcakes - butter recipe so ultra rich and super moist and yummy. I also made my first real buttercream frosting with egg whites, sugar, corn syrup and lots of butter. I am really proud of myself because it turned out fluffy and fun! I added a bit of vanilla for flavoring and some blue food coloring for a nice celebratory theme color. I think they turned out cute! It had been a long time since I had had a chance to decorate some cupcakes. The only thing that could have made them more perfect would have been some silver or clear sugar decors sprinkled on top.

Hope you had a fun new years eve. I spent my time cuddling my DS and watching Mary Poppins (we both fell asleep) and then I had a glass of chocolate milk with DH and then we watched New Years with Carson in Times Square. Not exactly a party, but I was with the people who mean the most to me. Happy 2008!


Wife2TJ said...

Wishing you a blessed New Years!!!

Aunt T said...

Happy 2008 to your and yours. Yummy looking cupcakes!


Teresa said...

Cute cupcakes, Martha! (I mean Manda) ;)

Robyn said...

Those look so good!! Can you share your frosting recipe?? Love your blog!

kk127g said...

Wow They look good.
Have a Happy & Healthy New Year.

erinkmckinney (stampininthesun) said...

1st...LOVE your blog banner!! your cupcakes look good!It looks like you have some yummy recipes....I'll come back again!

TiStampsUp said...

Happy new year to you, too!

Your cupcakes are CUTE!

AJ said...

Your cupcakes look so fabulous!!
Well done!!!