Sunday, February 10, 2008

Still working on it . . .

I was trying a new template the other day on my blog and I lost some of my widget lists, so I am working on figuring out how to get those back -- I might end up just having to recreate them all *sigh* Sometimes I wish I was more savvy! Anyway, just wanted to peek in and let you all know what was happening with my blog since it seems all out of control and a mess.

I will be back stamping soon. This week is a busy one -- Monday - headed to a friends for the evening, Tuesday - scrapbooking in the morning at a friends, Wednesday - friends coming over to play with my kids at our house, Thursday - FREE DAY/laundry catch up and packing day, Friday - playgroup in the park and then driving to California for a Disney weekend. We decided to get annual passes for Disney and since DH's birthday is this weekend, we are off to play!


Melissa said...

Hi Amanda,

Sorry to hear about you losing your widgets. In blogspot, above the HTML code box, there's a spot where you can save your HTML to prevent you from losing things when you're "renovating". If something should happen, all you have to do is open the file and cut and paste the original HTML back into the box.

I know how you feel though - same thing happened to me a while ago. Pain in the butt!

Best of luck!

Velta said...

So sorry about your losing your stuff ... But I just had to say, You have the most adorable children (posted earlier)! They are just too darn cute. My one an only daughter is expecting her first baby in August...and now everytime I see pictures of little ones, I just go bonko. I am so gonna be an "idiot grandmother." Your widgets will be back in a flash. Happy Birthday to your DH :)