Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tagged by Becky

I thought this was pretty hilarious!!! Thanks for the tag Becky . . . even if it was sneaky *giggles*

3 things that....

Fascinate me:
My children's eating habits
Stars and the moon
The Human Brain

Inspire me:
Awesome stampers on SCS
Pottery Barn
My family

Anger me:
Illegal Immigration
Senseless violence
Rude people

Delight Me:
Bright colored flowers in a clean house
Dark chocolate and almonds
When my kids tell me they love me

Frighten me:
Whether or not I am capable of raising kids that will contribute positively to society
Going to the dentist

Relax me:
Reading a good book or watching a movie
Stamping and creating
Having a clean house

If you read this've been tagged!!!
If you post your own leave me a comment and i'll stop by and take a look!!


Becky said...

Hey...thanks for playing along and great answers...i can totally relate to the one about raising kids that will contribute positively to society.... i am raising 4 and it is a tough job to do!!!Feel free to drop by anytime...or else i'll have to be sneaky again lol.

Ozarkglittergirl said...

Hi Amanda
I plan to post your recent 'tag' to my blog. Stop by and see me.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna work on my list now...and post in a bit. This is a cute meme.

Becky said...

I did my list and posted it! It kind of made me think a little bit.

Also, you might need a magnifying glass to read it. The font is little - lol.

Allison said...

Hi Amanda! I just stumbled on this and it really made me think! Thanks for the brain exercise!