Saturday, July 12, 2008

Birthday Party Pics

So we planned a FUN birthday party for J, and no one showed up. So SAD! We had invited only three boys from J's sunday school class, so I was not expecting a huge party, but at least that one would show up. People are so bad at RSVP'ing these days. We had a 4th birthday party for E and no one RSVP'd and I was nervous no one would show and we ended up with 8 kids there. Darn summer birthdays are so hard, with everyone traveling and all. So, lesson learned here, ALWAYS RSVP to parties so that someone else does not have to feel worried or frustrated like I did.

Anyway, M called one of his friends that has a son who is a year younger than our son, and invited him to come over to celebrate with us. They had a daughter who just happened to be at another party and it worked out perfectly for them to come play with us for awhile. They were super awesome and brought J a whoopee cushion (hello, perfect gift for a 4 year old boy) and played. It was fun! J was so excited to have a friend come over -- I was so thankful that there was someone that could come because I know he would have been sad. J seemed to have a great time. YAY! We made banana pops, and had tacos to eat, colored giant coloring book pages of Diego, played pin the rescue badge on Diego, duck duck goose, play doh animals, and played Mario Kart on Wii together. It was awesome to get to know another family in our church better.

For those of you who were around last year at this time, you got to see the Lightning McQueen cake I made, well this year, I made my second cake like that -- but this one was WAY harder and more detailed.

J wanted a Diego cake and party, so that is what he got!! I think I spent a total of 4 hours, baking the cake, mixing all the icings and decorating the cake. The hardest parts were the shoes and the vest, where there were lots of details and it was super hard to see any markings on the cake.

J's reaction . . . "WOW" said in almost a whisper, when I showed him in the morning! It sure made it feel all worthwhile to have impressed him! I forgot one black dot on one of his shoes, but not bad considering how tired I was (I think I finished this at 2 am). Our party guests said they thought we had bought it -- which made me feel really good. My wrists were sore from squeezing all those stars and doing all that piping! I never realized cake decorating could be such a workout! Here are a couple more pictures of J while we sang the happy birthday song and he blew out his candles (so funny, he made a wish and blew out one, and then made another wish and blew out the rest . . . I guess he just needed a couple wishes this year.) Hope you have a Happy Saturday!


Stampin_Melissa said...

Happy Birthday J!!

So funny, last year I made Troy a Diego cake and this year I made him a Lightening McQueen one. Yes, the Diego was more detailed (it was also my first) so it literally took me hours to decorate! Yours looks great!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job on the cake. I know what you mean about RSVP's...not many RSVP'd for my oldest's party this year, so you never know if you are going to have 2 kids or 10.

Hope he had a happy happy day!

Cyndi said...

Awesome cake Amanda! I bet he was very happy. Glad that the friends were able to accomodate and join!

Happy Belated Birthday J!!!

Teresa said...

Glad everything worked out ok! That cake is gorgeous!!!

Care said...

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