Saturday, November 08, 2008

More Soccer . . .

You knew I would do it. I might as well document what we are doing with our time every weekend these days. I just love watching the kids play soccer, it is hilarious and fun!!!

This week we had to be there at 8:45 am for pictures. EEK! No sleep for the pregnant mommy on Saturday morning anymore. *pouts* I went to McDonalds to get some breakfast (they love egg mcmuffins - meat free) for the kids and bought hot cocoa there and my review is that it was good, but HOLY COW!!! $2.15 for a small cup of cocoa is SO pricey!!! WOW!!!! I know, I know, you're thinking cocoa in AZ, but it is getting chilly here . . . Autumn *may* have arrived.

Does it make me a bad mommy that when I saw my little girl with her first little soccer boo boo I could not resist whipping out the camera to catch the moment before cuddling her and telling her it was alright? It does, doesn't it? DOH!

Her face said it all -- these 4-6 year old soccer players are too tough!!! E *might* be a girly girl. (Note: her boo boo is a tiny little scratch on her knee -- remedied by cuddling for about 5-7 minutes and she was ready to go back in).

A team shot while the photographer takes one

Favorite of the kids, hands in to cheer "Go Darth Maulers."


Nisa said...

lol! That doesn't make you a bad mom, just normal! ;)

Sue from Oregon said...

too funny...I can relate!

KA said...

I've heard that you have a good team if you can keep the kids following the ball instead of picking the flowers. Congratulations on your first soccer boo boo! Well done.