Saturday, June 06, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dance 2009

I just love small town life, well as long as you are close enough to a big city to do some serious shopping that is. *wink* Anyway, we heard about this daddy and daughter dance last year but somehow missed signing up, well this year I made sure we were registered nice and early for it and tonight two of my cutie pies went on a date together.Align Center

E's outfit came from a shopping trip to Gymboree last Monday. I just fell in love with this skirt and the shirt she happened to be wearing that day *also the one she is wearing here* matched perfectly!! She just had to have the matching beads and headband too. Such a diva!!! We curled her hair with my hot curlers. It was so pretty!!!

M was sporting one of his new suits and looking pretty smart! I am so glad we went suit shopping for him on our last date night. He needed them and they look so good. Seriously, there is something about men in suits!!

Here are some more pictures I took before they left:


crazylor said...

Yay! These pics are awesome! E looks beautiful in her new outfit...and Mic looks pretty handsome as well!

I love the grass! It's soooo green!

Dobbie has sure grown!

Love you!

Brimaca said...

She's gorgeous! I love those pics!

Summerthyme Studio said...

Amanda, the pictures are GORGEOUS and her outfit, well it's SO sweet!!!!



memryscrpr said...

Very sweet!

Bonibleaux Designs said...

Oh what a sweet time for them to share! I hope they both had a grand night out!