Saturday, August 08, 2009

Summer Escape Weekend 2009 - Legoland

Legoland was fun but absolutely EXHAUSTING! Seriously, don't know how we used to do Disneyland until 11 pm or midnight. Legoland was open till 9 pm, we left about 9:30 and I was SO TIRED!!! The kids loved it. I am glad we went. Here are some of my favorite pictures:
J and E posing with LEGO Bob the Builder
Dad and E looking at the Inaugauration at the White House

Having a blast on CARGO ACE

Land of Adventure - LEGO Sultan and Camel

Round 1 - I wonder if E is a little scared? lol

Round 2 - That was fun mom, can we go again???

My two crazy kids sliding down the big slide! Love their faces!

J battling LEGO Darth Vader

Me and he who lives in a pineapple under the sea . . .

I took some more pictures in Miniland USA, of Las Vegas cause I thought it was cool! I will save those for another post though! Hope you enjoyed Legoland through our eyes!

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