Thursday, October 29, 2009

Modest? (22 weeks)

Yet another ultrasound, yet another day of NOT finding out what we are having. ARGH!!! Seriously!!!

The baby was in a weird position and they still could not get a clear shot of the face or of the umbellical cord attachment, so they have decided after two in office attempts to send me to a high risk ultrasound specialist. The Dr. is confident we will be able to see what we need to because they have better equiptment. *crossing my fingers*

Why do I get the feeling this child will be an uncooperative one? *scared*
First picture is of the top of the baby's head and the second is of his/her spine.


Brimaca said...

Lil stinker! I'm still in shock you are having another one. And to be honest, a little jealous. :0)

Crafty Math Chick said...

You are having another baby?!! Congratulations! Jeez, you're sick a week or two and you miss everything...