Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trip to Schnepf Farms

We figured out that the last time we went to Schnepf Farms was 5 years ago. CRAZY! J was only 7 months old or so.

We had such a blast this year. We did EVERYTHING (or at least it felt like it). We roasted marshmallows, played mini golf (where J left his mark on a bush because he *really* had to go suddenly and it was far away to the bathrooms *embarassing*), went on a hayride, rode tons of rides, saw pigs race, went in a petting zoo, wandered through the pumpkin patch, and more. We seriously had such a good time. I would TOTALLY go again. I think it had to do with the fact that we went on a Thursday. It was SO not crowded at all. Last time we went there were lineups, but this time, it was smooth sailing to go on everything. My kids went on some stuff more than once. FABULOUS!!! Here are some of our favorite pictures from the ones we got before my camera decided to die on me.

On the Carousel

Little's First Carousel Ride

E's Pumpkin Face Painting

J doing the Jr. Road Rally Tricycles

My Little Baby Punkin' and Momma as a pumpkin head

J driving the Engine of the wooden train in the playgrounds

Little showing off his two teeth while chilling in the stroller

E & J playing with goats in the petting zoo

Watching the pig races . . . I just loved this picture

Posing in front of the building where they do the races

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Claudia said...

What GREAT pictures - it looks like everyone had a wonderful time! Your kids are so beautiful!