Saturday, November 07, 2009

Baby Shower for Amy

The baby shower turned out fabulous. I was a little nervous about if anyone was going to come, but they did. YAY! The food was yummy to me! Most importantly, I think Amy had a good time! There were a few kids there as well, and they were all so well behaved and played quietly for a good part of the shower- which was AWESOME!

We played some games (Guess Mommy belly size - using yarn, Don't say Baby -if you do you lose your beads, Guess the Gerbers - actually kind of hard, Good Advice - where you write a problem the mom of a new baby might have, and someone else writes the solution -- pretty funny, Baby Talk words - I am always surprised by what people call things. . . too weird!), ate some food, chatted and had fun.

I think everyone liked the favors I made and the prizes, and the diaper cake went over well. Here are a couple pictures from the event.

The favors I made (sour cream containers that match the diaper cake as well as some of the invites I made for the event! I really LOVE this paper! (My Minds Eye)

Kristi, Amy and Kathy playing games

Amy opening up some gifts near the end of the shower

Amy measuring Rebecca's guess at her tummy size (she was really close but not as close as Marrene who was the winner). I love this picture cause it shows Amy's cute tummy!

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