Thursday, December 10, 2009


I fell in love with this wreath in "Seasons of Joy" (page 54) and knew I had to make one. Mine is not quite as elaborate -- they did a cool ribbon flower thingy with the year -- maybe I will add that if I come across something in one of the scrap stores that I like -- but I think it turned out cool!

I used a metal embroidery ring (I think that is what it is -- it was in the section of JoAnn's with all the magnets, mirrors, etc). Then it is as simple as choosing the colors of ribbon, and tying them on, cutting their ends in fishtail, or just on a diagonal.

For the picture, I sewed two pieces of acetate on three sides, to form a pocket. Then I punched a hole in three of the corners and sewed the acetate so it hangs centered in the wreath "frame." The ribbons cover up the sewing/fiber you use, so I used crochet thread so it would be stronger. The picture is fully removable so I can put a new one in next year! YAY!

My final addition was the red ribbon on the top, which I just formed off of the wreath, and then sewed through the back of and around the hanger ribbon to hold it on. VOILA! Off to watch "Gotta Catch that Santa Claus" with my kiddies and start some dinner. Hope you have a lovely and craft filled evening!


scrappinlil said... did a fantastic job and I do think it is elaborate....I love the adorable pic and all the ribbons you've chosen...I might have to scraplift this one for next year....TFS

Christina Hay said...

beautiful! I think I gotta make one =)
How many spools of ribbon did you use?

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda!
Just stopping by. :)

Cool wreath. How much ribbon did you use on it? It's really pretty.

Thanks for the invitation to stop by your blog.

Paper Crafts Go-to-Gal

Crafty Math Chick said...

Love this Amanda! Thanks!