Sunday, December 13, 2009

E's First Movie - "Copper" by Diane M. Dresback (Day 3)

The shoot tonight took us to a train station. E was really excited to go. She is just so funny. She truly believes she is a movie star! When we went to record some sound in a quiet location at the end of the shoot -- we pulled up in the van and she was getting out and she said: "The E has arrived" -- It is adorable and I never want her to lose that star quality!

We all went together so that we could have some more family time together on the weekend on the drive there and back. J and the baby hung out with me in the van for the hour or so that they were filming and Michael went with E to do her stuff. I think she has really grown to love her daddy time as he has helped her out with the movie. I can't believe the shooting is done already and I eagerly await seeing the finished results. What a fun time this has been!

Practicing her lines with film grandpa Michael and getting instructions from Diane

Kimber, E and Michael (chilling out)

Setting up, getting final instructions, etc. . .

In action

Some cute shots of E and her film Grandpa

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