Thursday, December 03, 2009

Pathway Christmas Concert

Tonight was the Christmas concert for my cute kids. They were so excited to sing "their" songs. Each grade was singing a couple of different songs. It was crowded and chaotic, because the school doesn't really have the facilities, but it was still totally awesome and I am glad that they took the time to do it!


J and his friend T performing at dress rehearsal

E performing at dress rehearsal

My cute little girlie sitting with her class


E waiting in her chair ready to perform

J, my little charmer! So stinking adorable in his new red sweater!

E sitting with her class with everyone moving around before the concert

Santa Baby E during the show . . . such a happy little man

My two cuties with a Christmas tree after the performance! Such a happy time!

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Summerthyme Studio said...

Wonderful Photo's Beautiful babes! Hope you are well 'manda!