Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy 8th Anniversary

I did get us tickets to Weezer, but after the awful accident that happened - that show was cancelled, so we were trying to figure out what to do on or anniversary and we decided it would be fun to buy Guitar Hero 5 and play together (Make our own concert so to speak)!

So, first we went to dinner at Benihana (thanks to the Wrights who took our kids for us for the evening) and then we rocked out to our own show until we were too tired to think (literally, I think Michael fell asleep playing a song -- yes, I am quite sure that is why we got boo'd off the stage). It was a fun evening, truly a happy 8th anniversary for us!

Here are a couple more pictures from our experience at Benihana . . .

Our cook, Ananda cooking and Mic showing off how he can use chop sticks like a pro

Our pretty plates and my lemon chicken cooking

Me (7 mos. preggo and not *glowing*) and My Michael

The sweet note my baby girl left for us on the kitchen table (she is just too cute!)


Shannon Roberts said...

You two crack me up! And *ahem* Ms. Rockstar; you look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Brimaca said...

So I can't believe it's been eight years!Seriously??! Wow.

Congrats cute people!