Friday, January 15, 2010

McNugget Eating Champ (I've Never Been So Proud)

So have you heard about the deal that McDonalds is running on the weekends (well at least here in AZ) . . . 50 nuggets for like $10 or so . . . well out of this amazing deal was born this nugget eating contest at my hubby's office. *roll eyes*

Of course, my hubby participated and WON!
He ate a disgustingly impressive 62 nuggets *gags* He is not a big guy, so I am seriously surprised he did not puke or have a heart attack or something. EW!


Wendy - 19.5
Todd - 31
Marc - 34
Michael - 62

Anyway, gotta be proud, and how could I not be?

The contenders

M and 6 boxes of ten + 2 . . . 62 glorious McNuggets in 45 minutes


Karen said...

*bows down to the nugget champ* There are worse things to be a winner at I am sure! LOL Fun post

Brimaca said...

He could have won with 35! Crazy guy! Why did he keep going. Oh man I miss you guys!

Amanda said...

Silly Britt -- move here! Houses are a steal, we love our ward and the weather is always nice! We miss you too!