Saturday, February 06, 2010

E's Hannah Montana Birthday Party 2010

Since last year I was in the hospital having my gallbladder removed on my DD's birthday, I felt like I really wanted to make this birthday special for E. She totally deserved a party with friends, and all kinds of fun, etc.

Here are the plans/ideas we used for her Hannah Montana Party:


Hoedown Throwdown - This Hannah Montana dance is a great one for both boys and girls should you be hosting a co-ed birthday with this theme. Follow this online step-by-step guide hosted by Miley Cyrus in order to learn those funky moves from the movie! You could even have a dance contest or combine it with a musical "freeze" game.

Hannah Montana Spotlight World Tour for Wii - pretty self explanatory -- they danced and sung along. It was cuteness!

Freeze Dance - to Hannah Montana Music. For some reason kids just LOVE this game! We glittered them all up during this time with some spray on body glitter/hair glitter! They looked so sparkly and pretty!

Hot Potato - we used E's build a bear doll dressed up in her best Hannah Montana outfit and passed her. Soft and safe, but there was LOTS of giggling! They had lots of fun playing this.

Duck, Duck, Goose - *ahem* Miley, Miley, Hannah - the classic game worked over Hannah Montana style

Rock Star Charm Bracelets - I got these from oriental trading - only $7.99 for 12. The girls had fun making them, but we had a couple frustrated when beads fell off or they could not get a bead on the string . . . this was 6 and 7 year old girls though, so maybe for a year of so later, they would be perfect? Some kids had no problem making theirs.


Pizza, lemonade, sprite, cake, potato chips, skittles

Treat Bags:

I found these fun packs of body glitter, lip gloss, and lipstick (pink and purple of course) at Hobby Lobby, on clearance, for a little over a buck. It was perfect. I put one set of each of those in the bags. Other items: Hannah Montana stickers, pop rocks candy, gummy guitars/microphones (Hannah Montana), purple beads from Party City, Hannah Montana gelly bracelets, Hannah Montana hair barrettes/pony holders (I got both the bracelets and hair things at Party City for cheap cheap -- they were clearance - WOOT!) I put all the goodies in pink transparent bags with purple tied ribbon! They looked cute!

All in all, I think E had a really fun party! All the girls were crazy hyper and seemed to have fun! I am glad we took the time to plan it all out and give her this special celebration!

The gang - Aubrey, Gabbie, E, Ally, Ashlyn, Emma

Opening gifts from friends

Playing Hannah Montana - Spotlight World Tour

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